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As you’ll have seen from my home page, physios treat a variety of conditions involving most body systems. I have treated nearly all of them in my time, but nowadays I tend to concentrate on neurological problems, such as stroke rehabilitation, and developmental problems, musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain, sports injuries,
pre-operative care and post-operative rehabilitation. Click on the links to learn more.

But whatever your problem, and whether you’ve been referred to me by your doctor or by your consultant – or you’ve contacted me directly – I’ll treat you as an individual and in a professional way. In particular, I’ll explain in detail what I think your problem is, what it involves, what treatments will help, what you can do to help yourself and what your prospects are. And, if necessary – and with your permission – I’ll write a letter to your GP if I think that your problem should be investigated further, suggesting an X-ray, say, or a scan. For more information, look at What to expect.

Appointments and fees

   Appointments generally last between 45 minutes and an
hour, though the first one takes a little longer because I
need to take your medical history and make an
assessment. For that reason, I charge £40 for each
consultation; I have a card reader. I’ll always give you
an estimate of how many sessions you may need –
normally it’s just one or two, but if you don’t do the
exercises I prescribe there may be more;
(you know who I mean, farmers!).

   I can usually give you an appointment at the end of
the working day if that’s more convenient, and often on
a Saturday morning, too. In an emergency – if you’re
a farmer and your back goes during lambing, for
example, I may be able to see you on a Sunday.

In some cases, such as when treating a stroke
sufferer or a patient with mobility problems, I can make
a home visit. This costs more, though, as I have to
spend time loading up my equipment and driving to see
you, as well as paying for my petrol.

Medical insurers and medico-legal agencies

   I’m registered with most providers of this type and
work with them regularly. The exception is BUPA,
whose terms and conditions I, and many other
professionals, find too onerous.

Treatment aids

   If I suggest that you buy a piece of physio equipment to
help with your recovery – a wobble board, say, or a
neck support – try the link below. You’ll get free next-
day delivery and I’ll get some commission!